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Contemporary Whitework

Contemporary Whitework taught over 2 days in April and May.
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Cost: £140.00 per person

Class Description

A two-day mini course in contemporary traditional whitework starting Thursday 25th April, and continuing Thursday 23rd May.  
The cost of the course includes the two days of tuition.

During this mini course, you will be taught the basics in traditional drawn thread work, pulled work, weaving, fabric manipulation, and surface stitching, creating a long sampler of ideas and techniques, and working with different thread types.  These basics will give the foundations for future learning.

There will be some prep work from class one ready for class 2, and further discussion on how to continue, progress, and develop your sampler further, and how your sampler piece can be formed as part of a longer, bigger, and continuous project which can be consistently added to.


You will need . . .

    • Embroidery hoop either 8” or 10” or 20cm or 25cm
    • Small square clip frame 
  • FABRIC STRIP OF 15cm wide by 25cm – 30cm long
    • 20 threads to the inch linen or cotton plain weave open fabric
    • A finer count such as 25, or 28 can be an alternative
    • General white sewing thread for binding your fabric
    • A variety of white, or off-white threads, including stranded cotton, crochet threads, etc.
    • A variety of different textures, thicknesses and types including linen, wool, cotton, satin, etc.
    • Ribbon type thread in white or off-white, which could be raffia, ribbon, or an alternative
    • Tapestry needles sizes no.20 for thicker threads, and no.22 for finer
    • Crewel embroidery needle size 8, or 9 or a Sharps or Betweens needle equivalent for general sewing
    • Thread scissors
    • Fabric scissors

Please note for the best outcome, using materials that are white, cream, or natural coloured will show the textures of the different techniques without adding colour.

In the studio, threads, materials, and equipment will be available for sale.  
For £5.00, there will be an array of different thread types to choose from.



Upcoming Classes

Tracy teaches classes at her studio in Durham, and provides online classes via Zoom.

Thu 25th Apr 2024
Cost: £140.00
Hurry, 1 place left!
Contemporary Whitework taught over 2 days in April and May.
Tue 30th Apr 2024
Cost: £45
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Couching findings, metal threads and wires
Tue 7th May 2024
Cost: £70
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An opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary hand embroidery in Tracy’s studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham City.