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Durham Cathedral Broderers was founded in 1978 by Mrs Phyllis Richardson, who convened the group until 2002. The group was then led by Dorothy Watson, and then by Tracy A Franklin from 2006.

The Broderers Group was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Richardson, widow of Dean Richardson  who had been asked to do some restoration and repair work on vestments and some of the older altar frontals.  There were originally 4 members.  Two experienced needlewomen who were teaching embroidery, Joan Finlinson (until 1995) and Dorothy Watson, were invited to act as tutors.  When Phyllis retired in 2000, the Broderers were led by another founder member of the Group, Dorothy Watson, until her retirement in 2006.  She was assisted by tutor Josephine Turney.  Tracy A Franklin, a freelance specialist traditional embroiderer based in Durham City and trained at the Royal School of Needlework, succeeded her in January 2007.

The Broderers undertake repair and renewal work for the Cathedral and have completed several major projects. Notable examples of their outstanding work are to be found in the Chapel of the Nine Altars, but many other contributions to the beauty of the Cathedral are also on view.

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Upcoming classes

Come and join us at the studio or online - we can teach you specific skills or give you a general overview of techniques.

Thu 25th Apr 2024
Cost: £140.00
Sold out
Contemporary Whitework taught over 2 days in April and May.
Tue 30th Apr 2024
Cost: £45
Sold out
Couching findings, metal threads and wires
Tue 7th May 2024
Cost: £70
Sold out
An opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary hand embroidery in Tracy’s studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham City.

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