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Upcoming Classes

Tracy teaches classes at her studio in Durham, and provides online classes via Zoom.

Specialist Techniques

Tracy is highly technically trained and fully experienced in a range of traditional embroidery and stitch techniques.

Crewel Work
Crewel Work

Crewel work embroidery, which is also known as Jacobean crewel work, reached its peak in 17th century England, and was later taken to the America Colonies.

Pulled Work
Pulled Work

Pulled work is a form of white work embroidery where the warp and weft of the fabric is pulled together to create pattern.

Drawn Thread Work
Drawn Thread Work

Drawn thread work is a form of open counted thread work embroidery where both the warp and/or weft are withdrawn from an even-weave fabric, which is then decorated with stitch.

About Tracy

A professional and highly skilled experienced embroiderer

Tracy A Franklin graduated from the RSN Apprenticeship and is the Lead Tutor at RSN Durham. She teaches the RSN Certificate & Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery. Tracy has worked on a variety of commissions, including ecclesiastical church work for Durham Cathedral where she is the Head Broderer.

Tracy is the author of a variety of publications on embroidery, including Crewel Work, Contemporary Whitework and New Ideas in Goldwork. She has taught for the RSN in both the UK and the United States.

Tracy's CV Artist Interview
Tracy Franklin Portrait

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