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Read some wonderful testimonials from some of the people that have benefitted from Tracy's wealth of experience. 

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One of the best teachers I've ever had Tracy gives clear, concise instructions. A high standard of work is expected, coupled with encouragement to achieve this. Making mistakes is seen as part of what you do to make progress and you learn how to put it right. The class group atmosphere is supportive and positive. I reached a standard of work beyond what I thought possible. You learn a lot about the whole process of embroidery: how to make a design, set it up, do the work and in what order, and then mount it. Along the way you learn lots of tips about how to source materials, helpful books, and how other people have overcome problems. I had not expected such a high standard. It surprised me how hard everyone worked, how tired I felt at the end of the day, how great a sense of achievement I had. It's great being part of a group of people who value traditional embroidery and want to develop it once you have the techniques. One of the best decisions I've made to join these classes.

Marie, RSN Certificate Course

I have always enjoyed hand stitching and when I saw the Certificate advertised, I knew it was for me and learnt four new techniques to a 'professional' standard, and have since continued onto the Diploma course.

Isobel, RSN Certificate Course

Having had very little embroidery experience and having seen the standard of work produced by Tracy's students, I was a little apprehensive commencing the RSN Certificate. I need not have worried. With Tracy's insight, experience and support to call upon, I am really amazed and delighted at my progress. I'm now thoroughly enjoying the Diploma course with its additional design and technique challenges, and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey in stitch with Tracy and my fellow students in her studio

Jill, RSN Certificate Course

This year I achieved a long standing dream - the Royal School of Needlework Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery - and to be presented with my Certificate by Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, Chief Executive of the RSN was the 'icing on the cake'. This achievement was made possible with the excellent tuition and encouragement I received from Tracy, together with the fantastic Durham workroom environment and atmosphere. I studied the four techniques on four 2 week summer intensive courses, and whilst they were extremely hard work I have some wonderful memories and I am very appreciative of and grateful to Tracy.

Gill, RSN Certificate Course

Perhaps uniquely, I benefit from Tracy's teaching on both the RSN Certificate and the Stitchbusiness City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma courses. I also happen to be a member of Durham Cathedral Broderers! You could say that I'm a fan!

Seriously we are very lucky to have such a specialised and highly skilled professional embroiderer in Durham City and my view is we should take advantage of what Tracy can offer us.

Teaching of the highest standard
RSN trained and carrying on the tradition
Amazing stitching
City & Guilds tuition too
Your skills can be improved

Always has her students' interests at heart

Fantastic designs
Ranges across so many types of embroidery
Needlework exquisitely produced
Kind and patient teacher
Loves her work
Never lost for an idea

Cheryl, RSN Certificate Course, LEVEL 3 City & Guilds and Durham Cathedral Broderer

I attended the City & Guilds Goldwork Part 1 Course. This was something I had wanted to do for some time, and I was certainly not disappointed. It was a fantastic course and I loved every minute of it! The tuition, course content and setting for the course were all perfect. This was the best course ever and I wish I could do it all again! Roll on Part 2!

Anne, LEVEL 1 City & Guilds

Since starting Level 2 City & Guilds in Design & Stitch with Tracy, I have been very impressed with her knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and inspiration. My previous experience of embroidery was using prepared commercial kits. Under Tracy's guidance and expertise, I am more confident in design and creating my own ideas for embroidered work, use colour more effectively and experiment with new materials and techniques. Our Friday classes are a joy to attend, the class is warm and friendly; each of us sharing our experiences. I am looking forward to progressing to Level 3 and beyond.

Penny, LEVEL 2 City & Guilds

Tracy's expertise and the support of the other students make it a great learning environment. The days in the studio are so enjoyable - time to sew with expert tuition and good company. I had done some sewing before, but was anxious that I would not be 'good enough'. The teaching however is excellent and the whole experience is positive and hugely enjoyable. The direct teaching from Tracy is brilliant and I have also learned so much from being around the other students who are always willing to share their experience and advice.

Sheila, Level 1 City & Guilds

Embarking on the City & Guilds course for me was a "now or never" opportunity which resulted in two years of inspirational learning and rewarding completion of the Design and Stitched Textiles course. I now have a useful knowledge of many different techniques and much more confidence in the planning and use of these which will hold me in good stead for my further enjoyment of a very rewarding hobby. Under the guidance and encouragement of Tracy, I was given the opportunity to go just that bit further with my interest in textile art.

Judith, Level 3 City & Guilds

Upcoming classes

Come and join us at the studio or online - we can teach you specific skills or give you a general overview of techniques.

Mon 20th May 2024
Cost: £70
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An opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary hand embroidery in Tracy’s studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham City.
Sat 1st Jun 2024
Cost: £70
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An opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary hand embroidery in Tracy’s studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham City.
Tue 4th Jun 2024
Cost: £70
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An opportunity to learn traditional and contemporary hand embroidery in Tracy’s studio in Fowlers Yard, Durham City.

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